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Career Services has many books to assist you with career exploration, job researching, resume and cover letter writing, self exploration, graduate school test preparation, etc. You are welcome to read through these books at Career Services or you can check them out through the OSU library. Here is a sampling of some of the books available for you to explore:

Career Exploration                                         

  • Careers in Education, Roy Edelfelt, 1998
  • Careers for Environmental Types & Others Who Respect the Earth, Fasulo Kinney, 1993
  • Careers for Sports Nuts & Other Athletic Types, Ray Heitzmann, 1991
  • Careers for Foreign Language Aficionados, Ned H. Seelye, 1992
  • Careers for Plant Lovers & Other Green Thumb Types, Blythe Camenson, 1995
  • Careers for Fashion Plates & Other Trendsetters, Lucia Mauro, 1996
  • Careers for Number Crunchers & Other Quantitative Types, Rebecca Burnett, 1993
  • The Career Chronicles, Michael Gregory, 2008

Occupational Researching                                          

  • Dictionary of Holland Occupational Codes, PAR BOOKS, 1996
  • Great Jobs for Sociology Majors, Stephen Lambert, 1997
  • Career with Dogs, Audrey Pavia, 1998
  • How to Get Any Job with Any Major, Donald Asher, 2004
  • Great Jobs for Business Majors, Stephen Lambert, 1996
  • Great Jobs for Communication Majors, Blythe Camenson, 1995
  • Great Jobs for Computer Science Majors, Jan Goldberg, 1998
  • Great Jobs for Engineering Majors, Geraldine Garner, 1996
  • Great Jobs for English Majors, Stephen Lambert, 1994
  • Great Jobs for History Majors, Stephen Lambert, 1995
  • Great Jobs for Music Majors, Jan Goldberg, 1998
  • Great Jobs for Psychology Majors, Stephen Lambert, 1995
  • Great Jobs for Psychology Majors, Stephen Lambert, 1995
  • Great Jobs for Art Majors, Blythe Camenson, 1997
  • The Job- Hunter's Survival Guide, Richard N. Bolles, 2009
  • Major in Success: make college easier, fire up dreams, and get a great job, Patrick Combs, 2007
  • Jump Start Your Career in BioScience, Chandra Louise, 1998
  • Road to Teaching: a guide to teacher training, student training and finding a job, Eric Hougan, 2008       

Job Search, Resumes & Interviewing                                    

  • Job Hunting for Dummies, Max Messmer, 1999
  • Job Interviews for Dummies, Joyce L. Kennedy, 1996
  • Etiquette for Dummies, Sue Fox, 1999
  • Resumes for Dummies, Joyce L.Kennedy, 1998
  • Cover Letters for Dummies, Joyce L. Kennedy, 1999
  • Job Searching Online for Dummies, Pam Dixon, 1998
  • Cool Careers for Dummies, Marty Nemkp, 1998
  • 101 Grade A Resumes for Teachers, Rebecca Anthony, 1998
  • The Resume Makeover, Jeffrey Allen, 2001
  • Sweaty Palms- Neglected art of being interviewed, Anthony Medley, 2005
  • Information Interviewing, Martha Stoodley, 1997
  • Dynamic Cover Letters, Katherine Hansen, 2001
  • Knock 'em Dead, Martine Yate, 2010
  • Expert Resumes for Military to Civilian Transitions, Wendy Enelow,  2010
  • What Color is your Parachute? (manual for job-hunters and career-changers), Richard Bolles, 2011
  • Work IT!, Allison Hemming, 2003
  • Negotiating your Salary: How to Make $1000 a Minute, Jack Chapman, 2008
  • How to Prepare Your Curriculum Vitae, Jackson & Geckeis, 1998

Nonprofit & Social Services                                       

  • The Idealist Guide to Nonprofit Cateers for First-time Job Seekers, Meg Busse, 2008
  • The Nonprofit Career Guide, Shelly Cryer, 2008

Self Reflection                                 

  • The Career Guide Creative and Unconventional People, Carold Eikleberry, 1995
  • Finding the Open Road, Mike Marriner, 2005
  • Creating a Life Worth Living, Carol Lloyd, 1997
  • ZEN and the art of making a living, Laurence G Boldt, 2010
  • Smart Moves: for liberal arts grads, Sheila J. Curran, Sheila J.,  2006

Environmental / Green Careers                                               

  • Environmental Careers in the 21st Century, Kevin Doyle, 1999
  • Green Careers for Dummies, Carold McClelland, PhD, 2010
  • Green Collar Jobs: Environmental Careers for the 21st Century, Scott M. Deitche, 2010                


  • The Intern Files, Jamie Fedorko, 2006                   


  • Working with You is Killing Me, Katherine Crowley, 2006
  • Nice Job, Lookout Media, 1999
  • Who Moved My Cheese?, Spencer Johnson, 1998
  • The Present, Spencer Johnson, 2003
  • Leadership and Self-Deception, The Arbinger Institute, 2001
  • High Five! The Magic of Working Together, Ken Blanchard, 2001                               

Career Transitions                                          

  • First-Job Survival Guide, Andrea Sutcliffe, 1997
  • From Army Green to Corporate Gray, Carl Savino, 1997
  • No More Ramen, Nicholas Aretakis, 2006                                                                                             


  • Self-Employment: from Dream to Reality, Linda Gilkerson, 2008
  • Faster Company, Patrick Kelly, 1998        

Resources for the Underprivileged                                             

  • Lavender Road to Success, Kirk Snyder, 2003
  • The Colorblind Career, Ollie Stevenson, 1997
  • Best Careers for Bilingual Latinos, Graciela Kenig, 1999
  • Career and Life Planning with Gay, Lesbian, & Bisexual Persons, Susan Gelberg, 1996   

International Opportunities                                      

  • How to live your Dream of Volunteering Overseas, Joseph Collins, 2002
  • Living and Working Overseas (The Big Guide), Jean-Marc Hachey, 2004

Graduate School Test Prep

  • Cracking the GRE; The Princeton Review, Doug Pierce, 2010
  • MBA: Admissions Strategy, Avi Gordon, 2010

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