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Welcome to the Program in Medical Humanities

The Program in Medical Humanities offers a distinctive education at Oregon State University and in Oregon through:

  • Multidisciplinary expertise in core fields of medical anthropology, medical ethics, medical history, and narrative medicine;
  • Unique opportunities for students to meet and converse with nationally renowned scholars and leaders in the medical field;
  • Teaching collaborations between academic professors and practicing physicians;
  • An innovative curriculum and certificate in medical humanities for undergraduate students;
  • Workshops for health professionals on diversity and cultural competency;
  • Collaborations with regional leaders in clinical medicine and education, and in health policy.

This Program also presents numerous projects and functions:

  • An annual colloquium for students on “The Art of Healing” in collaboration with the University Honors College and the Pre-Medical Program;
  • Public lectures or readings on vital questions in health care and medicine from nationally-acclaimed visiting writers, scholars, and medical practitioners;

The Program advances these goals for its future development:

  • To provide the next generation of health care professionals with an understanding of the role of the humanities in their profession;
  • To provide the cultural expertise, historical perspective, modes of critical thinking, and the clarity of expression of the humanities for professional educators and policymakers;
  • To undertake research that makes a difference in national discussion on vital issues in health care.